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The randomiser says “young guns go for it”

The beautiful game (1): now, that’s what we call a game of hurling. A humdinger down in Cork as Tipp leave town with an one point win after a classic game which went this way, then that way and then …

Mon, Jun 25, 2012, 09:02


The beautiful game (1): now, that’s what we call a game of hurling. A humdinger down in Cork as Tipp leave town with an one point win after a classic game which went this way, then that way and then the other way. Cork’s kids are a team for the future for sure and they’ll have guile and gumption on their side by the time 2013 rolls around. I’m sure I wasn’t the only Tipp fan of a certain vintage with nightmare visions of Seanie O’Leary 1984 as the game squeaked to a close with that narrow margin in place, but none of the Cork lads had that fox-like cunning, especially with Tipp man-of-the-match Noel McGrath firing on all cylinders throughout. Here’s further proof that hurling is now a 20 man game (well, 19 if you’ve John O’Brien losing the head) with plenty of extra momentum coming off the bench. Roll on Waterford on July 15 – hopefully, it’s going to be a lengthy summer for the blue and gold.

Happy fifth birthday iPhone. 217 million sold and counting.

The art of A&R hasn’t gone away, you know.

The weekend festivals’ wrap: while we look forward to hearing your reports from Body & Soul and the Westport festival (the best place in Ireland to live, allegedly), spare a thought for John Giddings and his team at the Isle Of Wight festival who had a nightmare weekend by all accounts. Somewhere out there in the English west country, Michael Eavis must have went “phew!” over what would traditionally have been Glastonbury weekend. Weather conditions also 86′d a Paul Weller festival show over the weekend.

Ever wonder why Irish online users are so negative? Here’s the survey which indicates that Irish millennials are more likely than anyone else to slag off online products. In related news (because that negativity is also to be found on a lot of online forums), here’s Clay Shirky on how Gawker are refixing online comments.

Superstar DJs need their director’s chair: Steve Aoki gives his side of the rider story.

Why mash-up apps are so hot right now.

Superb piece on the marketing of the new Paul Buchanan album “Mid Air”

Man, I’ve got to get back to NOLA

You learn something new everyday: Second Life is still a going concern and $75 million annual turnover is nothing to be sniffed at. Next week, the return of Bebo. Meanwhile, what the team who brought us MySpace are doing now.

How to predict the future.

Anyone for pizza?

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Are these two things related? Facebook’s stock price is on the rise at the same time as someone comes up with a way to unfriend Nickelback fans.

The beautiful game (2): when Ger Loughnane started to wax lyrical about a donkey derby in Spancil Hill the night before the Kilkenny vs Dublin game, you feared he was about to have a Babs Keating moment. But Loughnane was probably right as he alluded that there was more sport to be had looking at donkeys than what was on show in Portlaoise on Saturday evening. I know it was a miserable night but that still doesn’t explain why this highly hyped Dublin team just folded by a cheap suit against the Cats. A few Dubs hurling aficionados have said that this will put them back three or four years, but you have to wonder where they even ready for this test? Last season’s success at the League and getting to the All-Ireland semi-final may have had the wrong effect on the team and its supporters – and that upcoming trip to Clare in the qualifiers will be another telling challenge. Meanwhile, if anyone has any ideas about how to stop a rampant Kilkenny, please let us know. They looked savage again on Saturday.

Do you want to “push the envelope of human potential through positive reinforcement”? Well, Lift may be for you.

Like the cut of Songbird.me’s new music discovery jib.

Some amazing stuff on the schedule for Limerick’s Make A Move hip-hop festival next week. We’ll be down for our first ever Banter on Shannonside and there’s also some great live music (including Hot 8 Brass Band, Lethal Dialect, Temper-Mental MissElayneous, Scary Eire’s Ri-Ra and DJ Mek), workshops (from the likes of Tommy Guns and Poppin John), screenings (Limerickman Brian “B+” Cross’s Mochilla films followed by a Q&A with B+ hosted by Peter “The Block” Curtin), block parties, graf parties and much more. Check it out here.

Anyone for a BBQ? Here are the tunes Questlove would be spinning if you invited the Roots’ crew dude with the big hair around for some char-grilled sausages.

The beautiful game (3): ever wondered what happened to Billy Beane and the Oakland As post-Moneyball? Here you go, dudes.

Don’t think this will catch on here. We’d pay extra, though, for a cab where the driver STFU for the trip, has a clean cab, asks you if you want the radio on or off and gets to your destination using the quickest, straighest route. We’re dreaming, right?

Can you fund it? Have a read of Scott Steinberg’s The Crowdfunding Bible: How To Raise Money For Any Startup, Video Game, or Project, for some tips if you’re jumping into that game (now available as a free download). And just so you know it’s not all beer and skittles, here’s the infographic on Kickstarter winners and losers. Plus a cautionary tale for the FIY files.

A footnote on the whole Emily White/NPR intern/David Lowery yoke: thanks to Dudley Colley for the link in the comments to this brilliant piece, which is essential reading not just in the context of last weeks’ brouhaha, but also shows another side to a lot of music biz hating on Spotify.

And finally…..tune!

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