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The OTR news catch-up

Yes, I know, OTR has been amiss with the aul’ updates due to being Stateside and a couple of hours behind y’all, but here’s a round-up of news stories which you may know about and news stories you may not …

Mon, Mar 26, 2012, 08:30


Yes, I know, OTR has been amiss with the aul’ updates due to being Stateside and a couple of hours behind y’all, but here’s a round-up of news stories which you may know about and news stories you may not know about, complete with occasional funny bits.

This week, we’re looking forward to finding out what Sea Sessions have up their sleeves for 2012, aside from freckled arms. Festival launch takes place on Thursday. Anyone care to do some guessing? I bet they’ve got “surfing dudes”

Speaking of festivals (1): megatastic fest line-up for this year’s Vital festival at Belfast’s Boucher Road Playing Fields on August 21 and 22. Foo Fighters and The Black Keys are in the frame for the first night, while there will be lots of father-daughter bonding with The Stone Roses (still waiting for that second Phoenix Park show to be announced – sure, the radio ads were done and all) and Florence & The Machine playing the second night. Tickets £49.50 (plus Ticketmaster poke) per day.

Anyone for some Banter? The next installment in the ongoing series of discussions, debates and devilment will be The Attention Economy on Thursday, April 26. We can confirm that this panel will feature Michael Foley, the author of the fantastic The Age Of Absurdity: Why Modern Life Makes It Hard to Be Happy. More details to follow.

Next OTR Presents show will be a return visit to Dublin for Walls (who were fabulous supporting The Field last November), who will be playing the Twisted Pepper on May 24. Tickets for this one will be a tenner a pop (or €8 if you’re a Bodytonic member).

Speaking of festivals (2): Iceage, Sway, Bastille, Alpines and Polarbear are the acts playing the OTR night at Camden Crawl Dublin at the Workman’s Club on May 11. Full information on the festival here.

Paul Simon is coming to town! We’d heard a rumour that he was due to play in a very large field in Dublin 8 but instead, he’s playing at The O2 on July 12. It’s the show where he will perform “Graceland” in full, a bit like his seismic Dublin show in 1987 (1987! 25 years ago! OTR feels as old as he looks!). Tickets for this one range in price from €54.65 to €116.00 (you’ll get a free trip to South Africa with that one) – prices don’t include the Ticketmaster tickle.

Speaking of festivals (3): the seventh Life festival takes place at Belvedere House, Mullingar, Co Westmeath from May 25 to 27 with acts including Jamie Jones, Emalkay, Engine Earz Experiment, Matthias Tanzmann, DJ Marky, Martyn, Jovani, Planetary Assault Systems, Blawan, Nicholas Iammatteo, Synkro and oodles more. Tickets now on sale at €109 each (plus “booking fee”) – prices go up from April 1 by a tenner.

Indie screams all round with Explosions In the Sky (who were mighty – just mighty – when I saw them at Primavera Sound last year) pairing up with Low for a show at Dublin’s Vicar Street on July 10. Tickets now on sale at €28 a go (plus the usual TM cream)

Feck SXSW, it’s all about WMC this week. Here are 10 acts Rolling Stone reckon will be all over Miami this week.

On a SXSW tip, hat-tip to OTR reader O Murchu for pointing us towards NPR’s Best Of SXSW feature or, as they put it, “100 handpicked festival highlights and thrilling discoveries in a meaty but digestible microcosm of SXSW”.

Speaking of festivals (4): tt’s the return of The Beatyard. Bodytonic’s fifth weekend-long festival at Dublin’s Twisted Pepper and Bernard Shaw from May 3 to 6 will star Matthew Dear, Benga, Kerri Chandler, James Pants, Kuedo, John Daly, Kormac, Daithi, Hunter Gatherer and tons (and I mean “tons”) more. Full info here.

One for anyone who has ever had a bad run on the blackjack tables.

From the casting couch: Michael K Williams (yep, Omar) is set to star as Ol Dirty Basard in Dirty White Boy, Joaquín Baca-Asay’s directoral debut on the last few years of the Wu maverick’s life. Speaking of the Wu, get ready for The Street.

I’m an indie musician and here’s a breakdown of every penny I make.

If you only read one piece today on the art of pop songwriting and collborations, make sure it’s John Seabrook’s brilliant piece from the New Yorker on same.

He’s back: Lenny Cohen plays his aul’ stomping grounds at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainhaim, Dublin 8 on September 11 and 12 next. Tickets for LC’s pension plan upkeep go on sale on Friday “priced from €79.50″ (plus TM lollipops).

They’re back: Franz Ferdinand play Roisin Dubh, Galway (May 18, tickets €33/€30), Dolan’s Limerick (May 19, no ticket details available) and Pavilion, Cork (May 20, tickets €30).

This is what summer (it’s coming!) sounds like in our world

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