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If it’s the second week of the year, that can only mean one thing for the Irish music scene. The Choice Music Prize shortlist is announced on Wednesday afternoon and, as has become the norm, we’ll carry all the fuming, …

Mon, Jan 9, 2012, 08:58


If it’s the second week of the year, that can only mean one thing for the Irish music scene. The Choice Music Prize shortlist is announced on Wednesday afternoon and, as has become the norm, we’ll carry all the fuming, arguments, raging, spitting, bickering and entertainment here (please bring your own popcorn as we’ve had to get rid of the vending machines due to cutbacks). Anyone who fancies guessing which albums will make the cut can do so below and, to help you, there’s a comprehensive list of all the Irish albums released in 2011 here to give you a dig-out. DOI: I used to be Choice, but I’m non-scene now so I can make predictions too. The 10 acts I reckon will make the cut are And So I Watch You From Afar, Bell X1, Cashier No 9, Lisa Hannigan, We Cut Corners, Tieranniesaur, Pugwash, Snow Patrol, Little Xs for Eyes and The Minutes.

Ups and downs in the start-up saloon: a good end of year for Bandcamp (and thanks to OTR reader Carnie for pointing us towards this interesting post about how Bandcamp is turning search queries and would-be pirated albums into sales) and Soundcloud, but no such luck for would-be – and unfortunately named – innovative music start-up Beyond Oblivion, which was part-owned by the all-tweeting (has he met Prince AlWaleed bin Talal yet?) Rupe Murdoch’s News Corp and had a $87 million war-chest at its disposal. Did someone say “oops”? Meanwhile, here’s a look at how traditional music biz stocks performed in 2011.

It’s not just music start-ups which are getting jiggy with investors. Online rep-ranking service Klout got a bundle of cash in the last few weeks so it’s here to stay for a while. Some, though, wonder if there is such a thing as too much social media buzz.

Internet next big things from the UK.

Very interesting post by Wayne Fahy from Sleep Thieves about what happened when the band’s debut album “Heart Waves” hit file-sharing sites.

Why the new school of US TV shows are taking chances.

Two profiles to make you go “hmm” and make the subject’s respective PR mavens purr with delight. Forbes calls Spotify dude Daniel Elk “the most important man in music”, while the New York Times gets in a tizzy over Monocle publisher and high-flyer Tyler Brule. Bet Ty would agree with Edward Aten on why beautiful wins in 2012.

It’s great to see Offset back on the events’ calendar again. After taking 2011 off, Dublin’s premier creative festival resumes business at the Grand Canal Theatre from March 9 to 11 with a very strong line-up of speakers and delegates from all over the world. More info here.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

From the supposing-supposing dept: would Adele still have been the big hit of 2011 if she was on a major label?

Could Facebook become the new Ticketmaster?

OTR will be Groningen next weekend for Eurosonic fun and games, but if we were here, we’d drop along to the Ones to Watch 2012 festival which happens in Dublin’s Whelan’s and The Village from January 11 to 14. Tickets are a tenner for the weekend or a fiver per day and acts performing we highly recommend include Elaine Mai, Hello Moon, Melodica Deathship, Bantum, Last Days Of 1984, Daithi, Reid, Trophy Boyfriend, Simon Bird], School Tour, Bouts, Alarmist and The Dying Seconds.

Word with rappers: Big Boi and Fabulous on their love for the Words With Friends app

#bandtips2012: why this will be the year of the artist-entrepreneur.

First 2012 sighting of “the future of journalism” meme

Via Ronan Casey, the evolution of the live music audience from the Sixties.

Poor John Lydon is blaming The X Factor for the fact that he can’t get a record label to release the new PiL album. Memo to Johnny boy: put some of the cash from your butter ads into the project and sell the album via Bandcamp.

Essential reading for everyone reading this, I bet: how to master the art of passwords

The good, the bad & the ugly are coming as the Spaghetti Western Orchestra hit the highways and byways for an Irish tour next month. Hear a fistful of Ennio Morricone classics from a bunch of western classics played in a very idiosyncratic manner at Killarney’s INEC (22), Dublin’s Helix (23), Galway’s Black Box (24), Cork’s Opera House (25) and Belfast’s Ulster Hall (26).

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