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Jazzers’ revenge (part one): on the back of OTR getting its jazz on last Friday (and we have a bit of a debate going on in the comments as a result), word from the Bray Jazz Festival about their happenings …

Tue, Apr 26, 2011, 09:42


Jazzers’ revenge (part one): on the back of OTR getting its jazz on last Friday (and we have a bit of a debate going on in the comments as a result), word from the Bray Jazz Festival about their happenings next weekend. Acts on their way to the Wicklow town for the festival’s 12th innings include Christine TobinHamilton de Holanda, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Snowboy & The Latin SectionAndreas Varady (lil’ dude is 13 years of age) and many more. More info here.

You’re not on Twitter? You’re not alone. There may be 75 million people using Twitter, but just 7 per cent of the US population are tweeting. Then again, that 7 per cent includes Tyler, the Creator, Charlie Sheen and Fiddy so you may well be missing out on something.

Property crashes impact on yo’ favourite rappers too. Not only is Lil Wayne not coming to Cork (he was planning to check out how to beat sleepy Dubs in the last 10 minutes of a final), but he has also had to drop a milli on the asking price for his swanky Miami gaff too.

James Brown, the lad who brought you Loaded, Jack and the NME when it was really worth reading, talks loud about his new venture Sabotage Times.

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups… Village Voice celebrates half-a-dozen great musical events in the world of Law & Order. They inexplicably forgot about Ice T’s ongoing role in Law & Order SVU. Then again, most of us are trying to do the same, though we keep watching in case some acting might unexpectedly break out.

Dusty grooves from the Economist as they analyse why indie record labels – and indie record shops – need HMV to stay on the High Street.

“I really wish those geniuses who bring us Google, Facebook, Amazon and Spotify would get their act together”: is there something wrong with Paul McGuinness’ Blackberry or what? Behold, the latest salvo from U2′s manager against the tech industry. Seriously, dude needs to either RTFM or turn his phone off and switch it on again. Either/or works usually works for us.

Two chocolate biscuits for the data mining fiends amongst the OTR readership: (1) a weighty report on music, money and mobile and (2) an economic insight paper from PRS For Music’s Will Page looking at what the consumer is spending on live and recorded music. I know at least 14 readers who won’t get any work done today as a result of these links.

It’s the question you ask yourself every day: if everyone is moving their music to the cloud, why are folks still buying vinyl records? Other questions we ask ourselves every day: how do you stop bastard slugs from eating all the lettuce plants?

Jazzers’ revenge (part two): new jazz series kicks off at Dublin’s National Concert Hall’s John Field Room on June 14 with Korean pianist Soyoung Yoon and the Soyoung Yoon Sextet tripping through the music of Thelonious Monk and some original tunes too.

Meet Henry Jocelyn Seymour, the man who passionately believes that Chris de Burgh simply owns the stage when he walks on.

Banter on the double: don’t forget that we have TWO Banter sessions happening next weekend. The Sonar Story will feature Enric Palau (Sonar co-director) and Georgia Taglietti (Sonar Head Of Press) talking about the past, present and future of what is now the world’s leading electronic music festival, at the Twisted Pepper, Dublin on Saturday evening as part of the Beatyard weekender, which also features Modeselektor, Joy Orbison, LTJ Bukem, Beardyman, Kormac, Star Slinger and many more. The second Banter is The End Of Pop Culture, a Banter Uptown session in association with Mindfield at Merrion Square, Dublin on Sunday. This is going to be an all-guns-blazing obituary for pop culture with Nathan Rabin (The A.V. Club, The Onion), Todd Zuniga (Literary Death Match and Opium magazine), freelance journalist Una Mullally and myself as the mourners. Full information on this and all the other Mindfield activities here.