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Capital city pie fans, the rumours are true: Pieminister will have a stall at the Point Village Market every weekend for the summer. You will not need to go to Stradbally for your pie and mash and gravy fix. Their …

Tue, Jun 8, 2010, 09:51


Capital city pie fans, the rumours are true: Pieminister will have a stall at the Point Village Market every weekend for the summer. You will not need to go to Stradbally for your pie and mash and gravy fix. Their stall was the only one doing any business when OTR was there, but then again, it was a miserably drizzly bank holiday Sunday afternoon. Hugely disappointed to learn that the Shoot My Dog! stall didn’t feature guns – a lost opportunity.

Europe says no to Chris Brown: it seems everyone’s favourite girlfriend-beating r’n'b star will not be hitting (sorry) these shores this month. News alert via OTR reader Simon.

Thanks to all those who came along to the latest Banter session at the weekend with the mighty Andy Votel. I’d forgotten that Votel knows how to spin a yarn and the conversation covered the full sprectrum of his career, from graphic designer at Grand Central Records and setting up Twisted Nerve with Damon “Badly Drawn Boy” Gough to his Finders Keepers‘ label and occasional penchant for Bavarian harmonica music. We’ll have the podcast available shortly.

We head out of town and hit the north-west and the Eargail Arts Festival for the next Banter on July 17. “Outstanding In Their Own Fields – Where The Irish Music Festival Goes From Here” features Paul McLoone (Today FM, The Undertones), Una Mullally (Sunday Tribune, TG4′s Ceol Ar An Imeall), Declan Forde (POD Concerts and Electric Picnic booker) and myself looking at the current health of the domestic music festival scene and how things might look five years from now. It takes place at the Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny on Saturday July 17 from 3pm. More information here and there’s a full list of the musical attractions at the EAF, including Villagers, Cathy Davey, The Unthanks, Talvin Singh and many more here.

We heart Village Voice headlines: “Fiery Irish Guy” And NYC Music-Blogger Extraordinare Patrick Duffy, He Of Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, Which Is, Alas, Shutting Down For Good. Pity the story isn’t quite as grabby as the head, though.

Charlie Brooker reviews the iPad! To be honest, you probably already knew what he thought given his past views on Apple products, as published in 2007, 2009 and, indeed, earlier this year. Question: does the commissioning editor even bother to read Brooker’s copy anymore? Bet they ask him to run the rule over the new iPhone 4.

Perhaps they’d be better off asking someone from the US Justice Department. The Feds are currently probing how Steve Jobs’ boys do business with media outfits in areas beyond music. Wonder did they discover any links between Apple and MasterNation in that other probe?

Classical nightclubbing: Berlin’s Yellow Lounge come to BAC to do the classical-music-in-a-club thing with a live set from the Fauré Quartett (music from their “Wunderkind Mendelssohn” and “Popsongs” albums), DJ selections from Bernard Clarke (Lyric FM’s Nova show) and VJs C-Division and 3-PIN providing the eye candy at the Button Factory, Dublin on June 16.

Forget Live Nation, it’s Lidl Nation! The live music monster are dropping service fees for the rest of this month in an effort to bump up sales. Per Live Nation medium-sized cheese Jason Garner (look, he ain’t Rapino, who is the LN big dog), it’s an effort to do something about the fact that 80 per cent of shows don’t sell out and 40 per cent of all tickets go unsold.

Meanwhile, Fine Gael are getting hot and heavy about Ticketmaster’s little cousin Get Me In. Given that very few gigs are sold-out these days, this really is storm in a teacup territory for the main opposition party. Maybe it’s their equivalent of Eamon Ryan’s daft-as-a-brush run-in with the rugger-buggers.

Off the Richter scale: effusive Irish indie Richter Collective are taking over the Creans Marquee stage at the Le Chéile Festival (Oldcastle, Co Meath) this year on July 31 with an-day bash featuring Not Squares (we heart Not Squares), BATS, Jogging, Hands Up Who Wants To Die, The Continous Battle of Order, Grey Mayhem and Boutros Bubba. Admission is €12.

Time to get busy in a Burger King bathroom. Read Rob Sheffield on why Digital Undergound’s “Humpty Dance” is still a jam of the summer 20 years on or get down below. Oh yes, we’re feeling it.

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