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The “OTR reports back for duty” re-up

Thanks to Conor Pope for keeping an eye on OTR business for the last fortnight. He’s now gone back to manning the Pricewatch desk and being a radio and TV superstar and has promised never to bother Pixies fans again. …

Mon, Oct 12, 2009, 09:43


Thanks to Conor Pope for keeping an eye on OTR business for the last fortnight. He’s now gone back to manning the Pricewatch desk and being a radio and TV superstar and has promised never to bother Pixies fans again.

Speaking of Irish Times bloggers, two newbies have joined the fray in the last few days. Screenwriter is where you will find movies dude and drone-rock evangalist Donald Clarke musing about films and other stuff, while Mechanical Turk is home to irishtimes.com editor (and the guy who tricked me into taking up blogging in the first place) Hugh Linehan’s posts about media here, there and everywhere.

More Irish bands getting signed: congrats to the excellent Dark Room Notes whose debut album “We Love You Dark Matter” has been snapped up by Berlin/London label BBE and will be released worldwide in 2010.

Stephen Gately RIP. Kevin Courtney’s obit of the Boyzone singer from today’s paper here.

A full room on Saturday at the Darklight fest for the Banter public discussion with Pirate Party rep Anna Troberg. While the chat covered copyright, patent and privacy issues, the real meat of the discussion was about just what the Pirate Party intend to do as an actual politicial party and their close parallels with the original Green movement. Some interesting takeaways from the discussion: thanks to the Irish voting yes to Lisbon (and provided the Czech president grabs a pen to sign the Treaty too), Sweden will get an extra seat in the European parliament and that will go to the Pirates. I bet IBEC and co didn’t realise that when they advocated a yes vote. And with a general election due in Sweden next September, the Pirates, as the third largest party there, may well hold the balance of power afterwards. While Troberg freely admits they don’t yet have policies in areas beyond their own big three, she does know they can expect a lot of love from potential coalition parties and a lot of ambitious new members to jump on the Pirate bandwagon now that they’re in with a chance of some power. Thanks to Derek and Nicky at Darklight for the invite to host the discussion. Very good piece by Davin Dwyer from Friday’s Ticket on the Pirate Party here.

Mo’ good reading: another take on the Johnny Cash expenses hullabaloo from Garret Fitzgerald. Somehow I can’t see any of the current crowd following his lead.

Speaking of which… Love the idea of Green Party chief bottlewasher John Gormley taking the ferry across to England for the PR shot and then having a limo to ferry him around the place once he arrives. Then again, the Greens are all about the optics, as we saw at the weekend. A party more concerned with banning stag hunts than stopping social welfare cuts? Please. The general election can’t come around fast enough.

Best TV interview of the weekend: that would be Chris Evans on the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show. While he was there to plug his new book “It’s Not What You Think” (which is getting good reviews), it was nonetheless fascinating to hear the former BBC Radio One breakfast show host, TFI Friday goon and infamous Britpop era figurehead talking about those glory days and how he regrets some – though not all – of what happened. Loved how Evans tried to justify that those who listen to his show and those who listen to Terry Wogan’s breakfast show on BBC Radio Two (the slot Evans is about to take over) are more or less the same. Ross, for one, didn’t seem to be buying it.

Gigging: don’t forget that the Hard Working Class Heroes fest takes over Dublin city-centre venues next weekend. Full line-up here. The OTR night at the Twisted Pepper (Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1) on Saturday evening/night/early Sunday morning will star Valerie Francis, Hunter-Gatherer, The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock, Cities, Kyon, Yes Cadets, The Dying Seconds and The Holy Roman Army. Running order and stage times to come later in the week.

Yakking: I’ll be hosting a couple of discussion panels at Dublin’s Button Factory next Saturday and Sunday at HWCH covering such areas as media, record labels, touring and music placement. Full info on the panels and those taking part here. Admission is free, but you are asked to email info@hwch.net to reserve a place.

Bantering: you can download the podcast from the last Banter, “Final Scratch Me Arse” with Paul Webb and Tonie Walsh talking large about the pre-historic days of Irish clubland, here. The next Banter is this coming Saturday at the Twisted Pepper as part of the OTR @ HWCH bash. “Meet the new media cats” will see Niall Byrne (Nialler9 blog, State magazine and the Irish Independent’s Day & Night magazine) and Una Mullally (UnaRocks, the Sunday Tribune, Soundcheck and host of a new music show for TG4 to air from January 2010) joining me to poke around in the Venn diagram between blogs, Twitter and the established media. The discussion kicks off at 8.30pm and admission to it is free.

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