Friday 20th April 2018
Generation Emigration

Being away has made me change the way I see Ireland Being away from home at Christmas gives me time to reflect on what I've learned in the last year while teaching in Korea, writes Andrew Sweeney
How the pinch steals Christmas New technologies and cheap flights mean young emigrants are more connected with home at Christmas than their counterparts in the 1980s, but that doesn't necessarily make things easier for those who are reluctantly living abroad, or for those left behind, writes Alan Keane
Emigration ‘disguising unemployment crisis’ The number of people signing on the Live Register now stands at 432,300, or 14.6 per cent of the workforce, according to figures published by the Central Statistics Office today.
Irish emigrants in London experience culture shock, report finds New Irish arrivals in London experience culture shock and anxiety, a major new report by the London Irish Centre and the Federation of Irish Societies has found.
‘Being away from home has opened me up and made me more confident’ Unemployment in Ireland made me emigrate to Australia. Moving there has completely changed my life, and now I’m reluctant to leave, says Laura Masterson
Left behind by emigration, but determined to stay As one of just two of my classmates still living in Ireland, I know moving abroad would bring me better employment and social opportunites, but I am determined to create a professional life for myself here, writes Bridget Fitzsimons.
‘The longer people stay away, the less likely they are to return’ The exodus has had a life-changing effect on those leaving, but also on those left behind, writes CIARA KENNY
Young people doing it for themselves Emigration is not the only narrative of youth today. Many young entrepreneurs and innovators are creating new opportunities and striving to make Ireland a better place, writes Clare Herbert