Wednesday 21st February 2018
Generation Emigration

St Patrick’s Day message from the President: ‘We remember especially our Irish community abroad’ President Michael D Higgins says he is grateful to the diaspora 'for their continued connection and contribution to the country so many of them still call home'
Back to the land of Pats for the expat The more involved I become with this country again, the more my eyes are opened to what was there all along, writes Jane Lawrenson on her return from Canada.
Gathering momentum: forget the shakedown, here’s the breakdown Despite Gabriel Byrne’s scathing attack last year, attitudes about the Gathering appear to have softened, and many people are now planning mini-gatherings here, writes Ciara Kenny
Thinking about The Gathering as 2013 begins The Gathering offers a forum for debate about Irish values, with valuable contributions to be made from people with a shared sense of identity across vast territories, writes Felicity Hayes-McCoy
The Gathering: will you ‘be part of it’? More than 1,600 events have already been organised around the country, and we want to know if you'll be taking part. Will you be travelling back to Ireland in 2013? Will it be to attend an event for The Gathering? If not, why not? Are you organising an event in your area? Tell us about it.
News of the week Irish Post debts, emigrant voting rights, egging the Taoiseach and emigrating doctors and nurses: a round-up of all the news stories relating to emigration and the Irish abroad on this week.
Gathering postcards competition winner Two weeks ago, we invited readers to share their fictional or real Gathering postcards with us, inviting friends, relatives and compatriots to return to the auld sod in 2013. And the winner is...
Gathering thoughts in the great silence of cyberspace In his weekly column today, Michael Harding muses on relationships maintained with a loved emigrant friend and his wife through email and blogs: Gathering thoughts in the great silence of cyberspace.