Sunday 18th February 2018
Generation Emigration

Being away has made me change the way I see Ireland Being away from home at Christmas gives me time to reflect on what I've learned in the last year while teaching in Korea, writes Andrew Sweeney
Best blogs by teachers abroad TeacherPort, an online resource for teachers working overseas, has just announced the winners of its 2012 best blog awards. The list is a good resource for teachers looking to find out about living and working in Asia, the Middle East or South America.
Visitors in their own country Holidays at home made some emigrants want to move back. Others were glad to leave again. CIARA KENNY talks to emigrants who returned this summer.
Time to go back home Two years teaching English in South Korea has brought wonderful experiences and cured me of the depression I suffered before I left Ireland. If I was right to move, am I mad to return, asks Fergal Reid.
Adjusting to life in the UAE More and more Irish people are leaving for the United Arab Emirates each year. Rachael Power spoke to three recent arrivals about adjusting to a very different way of life.
Teaching English and exchanging cultures in Japan Teaching English to children in a remote Japanese village was one of the highlights of my life, and I now help to prepare other Irish teachers for the trip, writes Naomi Crosbie-Iwasaki.
The weather where I am The punishing heat of an Abu Dhabi summer, the freezing cold of a Canadian winter – it’s almost enough to make you long for home, this bunch of Irish emigrants told Ciara Kenny.
Teaching a little and learning a lot Peter Flynn was forced to emigrate to find work, but it has made him a better teacher and given him opportunities and experiences he could never have previously imagined.