Saturday 21st April 2018
Generation Emigration

Managing sameness and difference: the experience of returning Irish emigrants Will this generation of emigrants be welcomed back with open arms in 10 or 20 years time? Not if the experiences of the 1980s cohort are anything to go by, writes David Ralph.
‘You can’t keep Dublin people down’ Friends and family couldn't believe I was moving from Birmingham to Dublin, but since we arrived here we've found work, made new friends and been touched by the optimism all around us, says Liz Hoare.
No job. No papers. No going home Most new immigrants to the US plan to stay on illegally. But getting a job without documents is an uphill struggle, and the prospect of never being able to travel home is a harsh price to pay, writes Ciara Kenny.
News of the week President's visit to London, emigrant voting, Hireland jobs, demise of the Irish pub and the Dublin pub scene, and retiring abroad: this week's round up of emigration-related stories from
‘I’m excited I can now bring my family back to Ireland’ With the continuing fall in property prices, Ireland has a lot to offer us now – and a nice family home in Dublin is much more affordable, says Mark Brennan, who is on his way back from the UK.