Thursday 19th April 2018
Generation Emigration

‘Moving home was harder than I thought’ I imagined time would have stood still since I left, that friends and family would be hanging on my every word about my life abroad. I was wrong, writes Rachael Cahill
2023: Regeneration from emigration? The Irish Times published a special supplement today envisioning what Ireland could look like in 2023. Ciara Kenny imagines a new series called 'Regeneration from Emigration', following the lives of Irish emigrants returning to the auld sod, reinvigorating the country in the process.
Back to the land of Pats for the expat The more involved I become with this country again, the more my eyes are opened to what was there all along, writes Jane Lawrenson on her return from Canada.
‘It’s difficult to emigrate, but moving home is harder’ I never intended to stay away from Ireland for so long. I don’t think most emigrants do when they first take flight, says Clare Waldron, who is returning to live in Ireland after 30 years abroad.
Moving home was political When I was in college there was no appetite for change in Ireland, but the crisis is an opportunity that we're hoping to grab with both hands. We've moved home and started a farm, says Fergal Anderson
Time to go back home Two years teaching English in South Korea has brought wonderful experiences and cured me of the depression I suffered before I left Ireland. If I was right to move, am I mad to return, asks Fergal Reid.
Will we be able to come back? As we form relationships abroad, move up the career ladder and think about buying property, we are increasingly becoming at home in the countries we live in, but many of us still plan to return to Ireland eventually. The question is will we be able to when the time comes, asks Fiona Sneyd.
Returning the emigrant after death Bringing my father back to Ireland to be buried brought his emigration journey full circle, writes Keith Sharkey.