Friday 20th April 2018
Generation Emigration

Becoming a US citizen to vote for Obama Fiona Weigant will cast her first ballot in a US presidential election this November. She reports today from the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina, where Bill Clinton endorsed Barack Obama last night.
“The terms NAMA, IMF and dole lines are not what they are to friends back home” I know that our country with its great history will come out of this crisis stronger. It is going to take time and heavy cuts in spending at the expense of the ordinary citizens of Ireland. However, I do know this: I will not move back home, and I can safely say I am not alone, writes Darren Conway.
Emigrant voting: Citizens should not lose their say in their home country This week, we’ll sit, disenfranchised, as we read of the unfolding events of the presidential race and referendum votes in the Irish Times, and chat about them on Twitter and Facebook and Skype. It's high time this changed, writes Noreen Bowden.
Have your say: Should emigrants have a vote? Every Tuesday, Generation Emigration will pose a question for discussion. With the presidential election taking place in Ireland this week, we're asking: should Irish emigrants have a vote?