Thursday 22nd March 2018
Generation Emigration

Staying involved in Irish politics from afar I would urge all Irish people living abroad to re-engage with the political system in Ireland and call for a vote in elections, regardless of whatever political hue you may have, writes Eoin Neylon
Moving home was political When I was in college there was no appetite for change in Ireland, but the crisis is an opportunity that we're hoping to grab with both hands. We've moved home and started a farm, says Fergal Anderson
Becoming a US citizen to vote for Obama Fiona Weigant will cast her first ballot in a US presidential election this November. She reports today from the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina, where Bill Clinton endorsed Barack Obama last night.
The frustration and guilt of watching Ireland’s struggle from afar The worst part about emigration is not about missing family and friends, but the frustration of watching crippling austerity measures from afar and being unable to contribute to Irish political life, writes Orla Hennessy in The Hague.