Sunday 25th March 2018
Generation Emigration

Adjusting to life in the UAE More and more Irish people are leaving for the United Arab Emirates each year. Rachael Power spoke to three recent arrivals about adjusting to a very different way of life.
Postcards from abroad: Why we love where we live now More than 100 emigrants entered our recent competition to write short pieces about why they love their new homes. Here is a selection, sent with pics from all over the world. WINNER: Steven Lydon, Colombia.
This time, emigration is a life sentence not a lifestyle choice Claire Calvey and her family have left Ireland for the second time in four years. In 2008 they went in search of new experiences, but this time emigration feels like a life sentence rather than a lifestyle choice.
I used the Church, the GAA and the web to meet people In our continued weekly series of emigrant tales, Ann Cahalan speaks about moving to Qatar with her husband and two small children, and the challenges of making friends while maintaining links with home