Thursday 22nd February 2018
Generation Emigration

‘Every time I go home, it gets harder to come back’ WILD GEESE: Denise Hession, blogger, Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi is good for families, but consider costs when weighing up salaries
Going to extremes in the deserts of Dubai Living in Dubai can have a strange effect on people - here, four Irish expats tell John Holden about why the desert is a perfect place for indulging in extreme sports
Rising star of corporate films in the Middle East WILD GEESE: Kirby Kearns, managing director of Resolution Production, Qatar: Kearns has worked around the red tape in the Middle East to build an award-winning corporate film business.
‘It’s difficult to emigrate, but moving home is harder’ I never intended to stay away from Ireland for so long. I don’t think most emigrants do when they first take flight, says Clare Waldron, who is returning to live in Ireland after 30 years abroad.
Riding out the recession in the Middle East Tax-free salaries and a construction boom are attracting Irish workers to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but some struggle with the climate and culture, writes CIARA KENNY
Best blogs by teachers abroad TeacherPort, an online resource for teachers working overseas, has just announced the winners of its 2012 best blog awards. The list is a good resource for teachers looking to find out about living and working in Asia, the Middle East or South America.
‘I want to return home, but that means a new career’ I have worked all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East helping to organise democratic elections with the EU and UN, but I still see Ireland as home and would love to return full-time someday, says NIALL McCANN
‘Home is a sense of belonging’ SARAH MCKEVITT moved to Dubai with her family two years ago, but it was a holiday experience in Thailand that made her reassess her sense of home