Sunday 18th February 2018
Generation Emigration

Testimony: A poem for my daughter on her departure As the cardboard boxes stood in the hall and the packing process was underway, Margaret O'Donnell was inspired to write a poem reflecting on her daughter's life and her departure for London in search of work as an architect.
Emigrant Christmases: ‘Skype was broken. But actually I was relieved’ 'Christmas outside, in a summer dress'... Five Irish emigrants around the world share their experiences of how they celebrated with Ciara Kenny
The time of year when home seems very far away CIARA KENNY found out how the Irish abroad will spend Christmas this year
Irish emigrants in London experience culture shock, report finds New Irish arrivals in London experience culture shock and anxiety, a major new report by the London Irish Centre and the Federation of Irish Societies has found.
‘The longer people stay away, the less likely they are to return’ The exodus has had a life-changing effect on those leaving, but also on those left behind, writes CIARA KENNY
‘One thought kept recurring. My mother might be dying, and I’m not there’ She had to spell it out to me. I was sitting in a staffroom in London, Skyping my mother on borrowed Wifi, while she sat pulled over in her car in the west of Ireland telling me she had cancer, writes Padraig Moran.
Migrants to Britain unaware of welfare rights Vulnerable Irish emigrants to Britain are at increased risk of becoming destitute because of a lack of awareness regarding entitlements to welfare support once they leave Ireland, according to a new report by Crosscare Migrant Project.
Will we be able to come back? As we form relationships abroad, move up the career ladder and think about buying property, we are increasingly becoming at home in the countries we live in, but many of us still plan to return to Ireland eventually. The question is will we be able to when the time comes, asks Fiona Sneyd.