Tuesday 20th February 2018
Generation Emigration


Hurling on the rise across America The Irish American historical cannon had neglected to tell the importance of Gaelic Games for generations of Irish immigrants in the US, so I decided to write a book about it, says returned emigrant Denis O'Brien.
Exploring the world one country at a time I’ve taught scuba diving in the Maldives, worked in Australia and built schools in India, and now, as I set up a new business linking Ireland and India, I’ve no intention of settling down, says ÁINE EDWARDS
Have your say: do you still speak Irish? What does the Irish language mean to you now as an emigrant?
Al Jazeera report on Irish emigration Al Jazeera has just broadcast a report about Donnan Harvey from Donegal who is leaving for Nigeria because he can't get a job in Ireland. The interview was arranged through Generation Emigration. View the 2 minute video here.
The frustration and guilt of watching Ireland’s struggle from afar The worst part about emigration is not about missing family and friends, but the frustration of watching crippling austerity measures from afar and being unable to contribute to Irish political life, writes Orla Hennessy in The Hague.
‘I didn’t have a mortgage, I was single, it was very easy for me to move’ The streets are safe to walk day and night and there is little toleration of the kind of drunken scenes we are so accustomed at home, says CAROLINE BOWLER in Singapore.
Have your say: Noonan criticised for remarks about young emigrants Minister for Finance Michael Noonan described emigration as a "free choice of lifestyle" yesterday. Do you agree, or are his comments an "insult to the thousands of young people who had been forced to leave" as the opposition claim?
“I want to find a way to be a 52-week daddy again” James Taplin’s daughter Cara was seven months old when he moved back to Dubai. Going back to work there was easy – leaving his family here was heartbreaking, he told CIARA KENNY.