Monday 19th March 2018
Generation Emigration

Is there any hope for young people who want to stay? The majority of our best brains (and best friends) are packing their bags and carrying their fine educations to faraway lands. Is there any hope for those of us who want to stay here, asks Carlynn McCarthy
Dalkey Archive ad raises questions about fairness of ‘internships’ An advertisement by Dalkey Archive Press for interns for its new London office went viral today, sparking outrage online for putting ridiculous demands on interns who were being asked to work for free. Have you come across employers or job ads looking for interns like this? Is working for free expected of young people where you live?
‘What lies ahead for us is uncertain’ This year’s journalism class at the University of Limerick began their course in 2008. Now, as they prepare to graduate, the students explain their plans for the future, and whether they will emigrate or remain at home.