Sunday 18th March 2018
Generation Emigration

‘I try not to think of Ireland as home anymore’ We have wonderful memories of Ireland, but my family and I will not be moving back. Kansas is where we call home now, writes Colm Roughan.
Growing up in one place but calling another place ‘home’ Lynda Callaghan grew up as an Irish child in Leicester. Now she is documenting the stories of the elder Irish community, finding out what brought them there and what life was like for them as Irish immigrants.
Notes from another Paddy Down Under My Irish upbringing is embedded in my memory but I have forged a new life for myself in Australia and feel less and less Irish as the years go by, writes Philip Lynch.
I’ve made a life abroad, but it isn’t ‘home’ I’ve just returned to Zambia after a trip back to Ireland, and while my life is now “abroad”, it’s hard to imagine anywhere else will ever replace Ireland, with all its familiar sights and sounds, as my home, writes Ceire Sadlier.