Monday 23rd April 2018
Generation Emigration

The time of year when home seems very far away CIARA KENNY found out how the Irish abroad will spend Christmas this year
Home for holidays: emigrants welcomed home for Christmas VIDEO: The Irish Times visited Dublin Airport today to speak to groups of families and friends as they welcome their loved ones home for Christmas.
One last family Christmas in the Caribbean Our family faced bereavements, redundancy and cancer diagnosis this year. After a challenging 12 months, we're taking our teenagers for one last family Christmas in Martinique rather than making the trek back from Brussels to Dublin, writes Des Collins
Visitors in their own country Holidays at home made some emigrants want to move back. Others were glad to leave again. CIARA KENNY talks to emigrants who returned this summer.
Have your say: what were your impressions of Ireland on your last visit? Have you been home to visit Ireland this summer? If so, what did you get up to, and what were your impressions? Share your experiences and thoughts.
‘It was terrible saying goodbye . . . it still hurts’ Hosting friends and family offers Irish emigrants the chance to reconnect with loved ones and show off the place they now call home, but saying goodbye can make the distance from Ireland more acutely felt than ever, writes CIARA KENNY
Have your say: hosting friends and family from home Does hosting folks from home make you homesick or give you a newfound appreciation for your home abroad? We want to hear about your experiences.