Saturday 17th March 2018
Generation Emigration

Half of would-be emigrants have full-time jobs, survey shows Some 44 per cent of those surveyed at the Working Abroad expos last week were over the age of 30
Is there any hope for young people who want to stay? The majority of our best brains (and best friends) are packing their bags and carrying their fine educations to faraway lands. Is there any hope for those of us who want to stay here, asks Carlynn McCarthy
‘Emigration was supposed to be the easy way out’ Leaving Ireland takes organisation, planning and most of all, courage - as speech and language therapist Mary Coleman has discovered since making the decision to go
2023: Regeneration from emigration? The Irish Times published a special supplement today envisioning what Ireland could look like in 2023. Ciara Kenny imagines a new series called 'Regeneration from Emigration', following the lives of Irish emigrants returning to the auld sod, reinvigorating the country in the process.
The UN wants to hear your migration story The United Nations is in the process of preparing a World Youth Report on migration and development, and is looking for Irish people aged 15-35 to contribute their personal stories and perspectives on how migration affects them.
Testimony: A poem for my daughter on her departure As the cardboard boxes stood in the hall and the packing process was underway, Margaret O'Donnell was inspired to write a poem reflecting on her daughter's life and her departure for London in search of work as an architect.
Irishman a hot property in Manila WILD GEESE: Joe Curran, general manager, Cushman & Wakefield, the Philippines: It was a wise move to leave a property boom at home to work in real estate abroad
Dalkey Archive ad raises questions about fairness of ‘internships’ An advertisement by Dalkey Archive Press for interns for its new London office went viral today, sparking outrage online for putting ridiculous demands on interns who were being asked to work for free. Have you come across employers or job ads looking for interns like this? Is working for free expected of young people where you live?