Friday 23rd March 2018
Generation Emigration

Irish Culture Night comes to Britain To celebrate the ways we showcase our Irish identity through the arts, the Irish community in Britain will be bringing Irish Culture Night to London, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool this Friday, writes Fiona Smith of the Federation of Irish Societies.
When an education means emigration Foreign universities offer courses that are often cheaper than their Irish counterparts, with wider entry criteria, in locations with a lower cost of living. And that's before you factor in the benefits of living and studying abroad, writes Ciara Kenny.
Leaving Ireland for Canada´s prairie provinces An increasing number of Irish singles and families are embracing the opportunities offered in Saskatchewan, writes JENNIFER HOUGH
Notes from another Paddy Down Under My Irish upbringing is embedded in my memory but I have forged a new life for myself in Australia and feel less and less Irish as the years go by, writes Philip Lynch.
Postcards from abroad: Why we love where we live now More than 100 emigrants entered our recent competition to write short pieces about why they love their new homes. Here is a selection, sent with pics from all over the world. WINNER: Steven Lydon, Colombia.
Hurling on the rise across America The Irish American historical cannon had neglected to tell the importance of Gaelic Games for generations of Irish immigrants in the US, so I decided to write a book about it, says returned emigrant Denis O'Brien.
County Bondi I deliberately avoided Sydney during my first year in Australia, but living among all the other Irish in Bondi now gives me a lot of what I missed of Irish life from home, writes Ciara Flynn.
Test matches spread cheer among Irish in New Zealand The Irish rugby team take on the All Blacks in Christchurch for their second test match this Saturday. Fiona Walsh of the Christchurch Irish Society explains how excitement has taken hold of Irish fans across New Zealand.