Saturday 24th March 2018
Generation Emigration

‘It’s difficult to emigrate, but moving home is harder’ I never intended to stay away from Ireland for so long. I don’t think most emigrants do when they first take flight, says Clare Waldron, who is returning to live in Ireland after 30 years abroad.
Reminiscing with old friends at Christmas A trip up Killiney Hill with returnees from Texas, Berlin, London and Toronto brought back memories of our shared youth, writes Jeanette Farrel
Reflections on a homecoming: ‘The fight has gone out of Irish people’ Visiting emigrants share their impressions of Ireland while home for Christmas and New Year with Ciara Kenny
Christmas with new friends in Whistler I came to Canada for a better way of life, where happiness is measured by how many days you go up the mountain in winter or how many days you spend in the bike park in summer, writes Ercus Long
The time of year when home seems very far away CIARA KENNY found out how the Irish abroad will spend Christmas this year
Home for holidays: emigrants welcomed home for Christmas VIDEO: The Irish Times visited Dublin Airport today to speak to groups of families and friends as they welcome their loved ones home for Christmas.
How the pinch steals Christmas New technologies and cheap flights mean young emigrants are more connected with home at Christmas than their counterparts in the 1980s, but that doesn't necessarily make things easier for those who are reluctantly living abroad, or for those left behind, writes Alan Keane
Have your say: hosting friends and family from home Does hosting folks from home make you homesick or give you a newfound appreciation for your home abroad? We want to hear about your experiences.