Sunday 18th March 2018
Generation Emigration

I should have got to know my country when I could Moving to France has made me realise I wasted my youth watching American cartoons and playing video games. I should have got to know Ireland, its landscape, language, culture and customs while I had the chance, writes David Burns.
Non, je ne regrette rien Wages are low in France, but the food is great, wine is cheap, and we have beaches and ski slopes on our doorstep, writes KAREN O'REILLY
Talking the talk Getting to grips with the local language can be one of the biggest challenges faced by emigrants as they settle into their new life abroad. RUADHÁN MAC CORMAIC , DEREK SCALLY and CLIFFORD COONAN speak to those who have made an effort to learn, and others who are getting on without.
Calvados, scallops and a turkey fresh from the farm Preparing for the Christmas feast in Normandy is a little different to shopping in Tesco, writes Liz Ryan, in an extract from her book French Leave.
“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else” Isabel McCann was an immigrant in Ireland as a child. Since moving back to Paris to pursue a career in acting recently, she has rediscovered an appreciation for the warmth and friendliness of Irish people, and the decency of Irish …
“Moving back to Ireland is not in my plan, but none of it ever was” Marc de faoite has lived in London, Brussels, France, India and Malaysia. He has found himself and lost himself around the world, and moving back to Ireland is not in the plan, he writes.
“I emigrated when I had a choice because what was happening was untenable” Disillusioned with life in Ireland during the boom, Aidan Boyce emigrated to France before moving again to the US.