Thursday 26th April 2018
Generation Emigration

Debate: are emigrants abandoning Ireland, or has it abandoned them? A Facebook page has accused emigrants of being ‘Ireland Abandoners’. In The Irish Times today, two young Irish people, home and abroad, weigh up the debate
Ireland Abandoners: Did it raise your ire, or a valid point? A Facebook page taking aim at emigrants who were "abandoning Ireland when she needs them most" sparked an angry debate between those who leave and a small minority of those who stay behind and are resentful for that. What did you think of the page?
Emigrant friends compare lives around the world on Facebook Alan Keane has watched his friends leave Ireland one by one since they graduated from the University of Limerick last year. Now scattered across Europe, Canada, Asia and the Middle East, they keep in touch on Facebook and compare how different their new homes are.