Friday 23rd February 2018
Generation Emigration

‘There’s 10 good reasons to go, but a thousand tiny ones not to’: short film Just Saying, a short film written and directed by Dave Tynan, about loving Dublin, leaving Dublin and being left behind.
‘What lies ahead for us is uncertain’ This year’s journalism class at the University of Limerick began their course in 2008. Now, as they prepare to graduate, the students explain their plans for the future, and whether they will emigrate or remain at home.
Hashtag Homesick: Our House In a programme note for Tom Murphy's The House, which opens in the Abbey Theatre tonight, Irish author Belinda McKeon reflects on modern day emigration and homecoming, and how the play's themes connect 1950s Ireland with the present.
The welcome immigrant Ronan Browne moved to Finland with his family last year, and received a warm welcome as an Irish person, but soon discovered his experience as an immigrant differed greatly to those of other nationalities.
I used the Church, the GAA and the web to meet people In our continued weekly series of emigrant tales, Ann Cahalan speaks about moving to Qatar with her husband and two small children, and the challenges of making friends while maintaining links with home
“It was like a wake, my own funeral” Paul O'Connor, a land surveyor from Dublin, moved to Canada in April when he was offered a long-awaited job. Here, he reflects on his departure from Dublin, and those difficult goodbyes.
Have your say: How far would you travel to find work? How far would you travel to find work? Do you think the long commutes are worth it, or would you prefer to emigrate or have no job at all?
Extreme commutes: “If there’s no work, you have to follow it” Many Irish people now travel overseas midweek to work and return home at the weekend as an alternative to emigrating. A new RTE documentary explores this new phenomenon.