Sunday 25th March 2018
Generation Emigration

Building a sustainable future in housing WILD GEESE: Paul Lynch, Natural Building Company, Finland: Business specialises in restoration of traditional log houses, some dating back 300 years
Moving2Canada to offer recruitment service The hugely successful website for Irish people Moving2Canada has set up a new recruitment agency to help Irish workers connect with Canadian employers
Stop the lights: the Irish women working in Sydney traffic control Pádraig Collins had a great article in The Irish Times Magazine on Saturday about how the traffic control system on construction sites in Sydney is dominated by young women from Ireland.
Riding out the recession in the Middle East Tax-free salaries and a construction boom are attracting Irish workers to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but some struggle with the climate and culture, writes CIARA KENNY
‘The longer people stay away, the less likely they are to return’ The exodus has had a life-changing effect on those leaving, but also on those left behind, writes CIARA KENNY
Leaving Ireland for Canada´s prairie provinces An increasing number of Irish singles and families are embracing the opportunities offered in Saskatchewan, writes JENNIFER HOUGH
‘I feel like Canada’s oldest backpacker’ Now in our 60s, having closed our construction business, my husband and I have left our home in Galway to move to Canada, says Eileen Burke.
Go west for a new home in Canada Thousands are fleeing the recession in Ireland to make a life in Canada. But how easy is it to set up house there?