Thursday 19th April 2018
Generation Emigration

I should have got to know my country when I could Moving to France has made me realise I wasted my youth watching American cartoons and playing video games. I should have got to know Ireland, its landscape, language, culture and customs while I had the chance, writes David Burns.
Reminiscing with old friends at Christmas A trip up Killiney Hill with returnees from Texas, Berlin, London and Toronto brought back memories of our shared youth, writes Jeanette Farrel
America feels shallow after holidays in Ireland When we come home we are surrounded by the places we were born, went to school, remember of old; and people who have known us all our lives, or half our lives, or before we even were, writes Christine Doran
Reflections on a homecoming: ‘The fight has gone out of Irish people’ Visiting emigrants share their impressions of Ireland while home for Christmas and New Year with Ciara Kenny
Google: the emigrant’s friend at Christmas The most important ingredient in cooking a Christmas dinner abroad? Google - without it, us modern emigrants wouldn't know where to begin, writes Philip O'Connor
Coming home and leaving again At this time of year, many emigrants, Irish and otherwise, have spent time at “home” with relatives at great inconvenience and expense to themselves. It is important that family, community and the nation value emigrants, and let them know they are appreciated and remembered no matter where they are, writes Bobby Gilmore.
Tearful goodbyes as emigrants make their way back home after Christmas Irish Times photographer Cyril Byrne visited Dublin Airport today to capture the queues and emotional goodbyes as emigrants made their way back home after the Christmas break.
Emigrant Christmases: ‘Skype was broken. But actually I was relieved’ 'Christmas outside, in a summer dress'... Five Irish emigrants around the world share their experiences of how they celebrated with Ciara Kenny