Thursday 22nd February 2018
Generation Emigration

Where’s your sense of adventure? I like to think the fact that I live in Africa makes me a bit of an explorer, but it turns out I'm not very courageous or adventurous after all, writes Ceire Sadlier in Zambia
I’ve made a life abroad, but it isn’t ‘home’ I’ve just returned to Zambia after a trip back to Ireland, and while my life is now “abroad”, it’s hard to imagine anywhere else will ever replace Ireland, with all its familiar sights and sounds, as my home, writes Ceire Sadlier.
Emigrants’ celebrations: “It wasn’t Christmas because it wasn’t Ireland” For Irish people living abroad, Christmas isn’t the typical turkey-and-ham affair – but, as a number of emigrants tell CIARA KENNY, they found ways to make it feel like home.
Inflated acts of generosity: making a song and dance of our kindness Ceire Sadlier writes from Zambia about the very Irish way of being kind.