Monday 19th February 2018
Generation Emigration

Death at a distance: the worst phone call an emigrant can get No one wants to hear a loved one is gravely ill, or worse, but being abroad makes it even harder to bear, writes Ciara Kenny
One last family Christmas in the Caribbean Our family faced bereavements, redundancy and cancer diagnosis this year. After a challenging 12 months, we're taking our teenagers for one last family Christmas in Martinique rather than making the trek back from Brussels to Dublin, writes Des Collins
My mother, my Dublin A recent visit back to Dublin made me realise how much I miss the country of my birth, a place I don't get to visit often since my mother's death, writes Philomena Grace-Lafortune in Canada.
When things go wrong far from home For Irish emigrants dealing with poverty, illness and even death, volunteer groups provide vital support, writes Ciara Kenny
Jim Stynes: Possibly the greatest Irish emigrant of them all In losing Jim Stynes, we have not only lost a sporting hero, but one of the greatest and most successful Irish emigrants ever to leave our shores, writes Philip O'Connor.
Losing a father while far from home Recently married and settling into an exciting new life in New York in 2010, Joe Buggy got the phone call that every emigrant dreads.