Friday 23rd March 2018
Generation Emigration

From Mullingar to Melbourne in 1983 Emigrants never forget the date or day they leave home, writes Philip Lynch
How the pinch steals Christmas New technologies and cheap flights mean young emigrants are more connected with home at Christmas than their counterparts in the 1980s, but that doesn't necessarily make things easier for those who are reluctantly living abroad, or for those left behind, writes Alan Keane
‘Going was easy. Staying away is much more complicated’ I was a naive young man when I left Ireland in the 1980s, with no idea what was in store for me in Australia. As the years have gone by, saying goodbye after visits home and staying away has felt more poignant and painful, writes Philip Lynch.
Thinking of all the little things of family Thirty years ago I left home, and for the rest of my parents' lives I would live at the opposite end of the world to them. But there was more than just distance to deal with, writes PHILIP LYNCH