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Loss of our young people, medical brain drain and more

Round up of articles relating to emigration from The Irish Times this week

Tue, Sep 2, 2014, 22:40


Analysis of last week’s CSO migration figures continues in the Irish Times today, with a piece by Fintan O’Toole on how this wave of emigration is now worse than the 1980s: Quickly but quietly, Ireland is disappearing its young people

It follows another opinion piece by Una Mullally yesterday about how it is no wonder so many young people are leaving Ireland when being underemployed or overworked has become the norm for people in their 20s and early 30s: Workplace has become terrain of insecurity and exhaustion

The lead editorial yesterday was also about last week’s emigration figures: Stemming the brain-drain

Read the original news report on the migration figures, analysis, and case studies from a graduate town planner in London (‘London is booming and I want to be a part of that’), family in Perth (‘We have no plan for the future yet, we’re just enjoying life’), and a returned emigrant (‘I realised how much I missed home’).

Paul Cullen has been reporting in recent days about the medical brain drain. Read his articles: Survey shows rise in number of young doctors emigratingJust 25% of GP trainees plan to stay in Ireland after graduation; Evidence of medical brain drain no longer anecdotal. The debate over the medical brain drain continues on the letters pages.

Shane Hickey writes about the diverse history of the London Irish Centre as it prepares to celebrate its 60th birthday: From an era of daily Mass to ‘Tedfest’: London Irish Centre celebrates its 60th anniversary

Emigration was a recurring feature in Alison Healy’s recent series on the challenges facing rural Ireland, and in readers’ responses.

Hilary Fanin’s column last Friday was about a reunion in Cork for emigrant friends: From Cork hills you can see farther than you’d think