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From the paper: Coverage of CSO migration figures

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Wed, Aug 27, 2014, 09:36


Page 2 of The Irish Times today is devoted to coverage of the CSO annual migration figures, released yesterday, which showed the number of Irish people emigrating fell 20 per cent last year, but remained high at 40,700. Read the main news story here.

Analysis focuses on the considerable drop in the number of emigrants returning to live in Ireland, despite indications that opportunities might be improving here. Following a query from Joe O’Brien in Crosscare, the CSO confirmed this morning that the figure of 11,600 returning Irish emigrants is the lowest return rate of Irish nationals since their records on this began in 1996. (Joe believes it is now justifiable to start comparing the current wave of emigration with that of the 1980s: “In terms of net figures  (those departing minus those returning) the decade of the 1980s saw an average of 24,000 people leaving on an annual basis. Over the last five years the net annual average of Irish people leaving has been 24,760 and this average will likely go up over the next year or two. While it is encouraging to see a decrease in emigration compared to last year this is all still in the context of very high rates which have see almost a quarter of a million Irish people emigrate  since 2008.”)

There are also three case studies:

And graphics by Paul Scott: