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Irish abroad with Limerick connections wanted

New project aims to connect ’3.5 million people’ with links to Limerick around the world

Mon, Aug 11, 2014, 21:00


The Global Limerick Network is a new project which proposes to connect an estimated 3.5 million people living around the world with Limerick connections. Run by Limerick City and County Council and supported by a group of people from the local community, it hopes to “build on the success of last year’s Gathering initiative”.

Behind the scheme is former chairman of the Gathering, Tim O’Connor, who says the project will provide “a platform for people from Limerick to meet, re-establish and build new friendships, to learn about their communities, exchange information, network, share ideas, and for any other purpose the members of the Network think useful”.

The organisers are seeking ideas for the project from people living in Limerick or abroad through an online survey, Connecting with Limerick.

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