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Documenting emigration

Photographer David Monahan has travelled the world finding out how recent emigrants are getting on in their new homes

Conor McMahon photographed by David Monahan before he moved to London in 2010.

Sat, Jul 12, 2014, 09:00


Photographer David Monahan’s Leaving Dublin portraits of Irish emigrants taken in the days before their departure have been exhibited at home and abroad, and been used by news outlets all over the world to illustrate stories about the Irish economic crisis. Over the past year he has travelled from Auckland to Sao Paulo and many places in between to catch up with his sitters in their new homes and to take a new picture. In Weekend Review today, Ciara Kenny finds out more – read the article, view the pics and watch a video by Daniel O’Connor here.

(Read an article about the early stages of Leaving Dublin from 2011 plus interviews with some of Monahan’s sitters here)