Ciara Kenny

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How can Ireland better ‘engage’ with its diaspora?

Votes for emigrants? Better funding for Irish welfare organisations abroad? What would you suggest?

How could Ireland build better relationships with its emigrants abroad? Photograph: Getty Images

Mon, Mar 24, 2014, 16:09


The Government last week announced a review of the country’s “diaspora engagment” policies, calling on emigrants and members of Irish communities abroad to contribute their views. Topics up for discussion include the role of diaspora in economic and social development, the status, rights and entitlements of returning emigrants, and responding to the needs of different communities such as the undocumented in the US.

We want to hear your views. What could the Government do to improve its relationship and engagement with its overseas communities? Leave a comment in the section below, or email your suggestions to with ‘Diaspora engagement’ in the subject line.