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How emigrants viewed the bailout

As part of the ‘After the Bailout’ supplement, we asked Irish emigrants about how they watched the financial crisis unfold from afar

Larry Carroll: “I found comfort and a togetherness within the diaspora at that time. It was as if the guilt and shame of the bailout was only understood by our own people.”

Fri, Dec 13, 2013, 12:30


The Irish Times today includes a special supplement on ‘After the Bailout’, with analysis of the impact the EU/IMF programme has had on Irish politics, economics and society over the past three years. All the articles can be found online here.

As part of the supplement, Ciara Kenny takes a look at the migration figures in an attempt to see what impact the programme had on emigrants’ decisions to leave, return or stay away, while Generation Emigration readers contributed their views on how they watched the economic crisis and bailout unfold from afar.