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Who moves to Dublin when so many Dubliners are leaving?

The latest in Banter’s series on the capital city talks to some of those who’ve immigrated to Dublin to make a new life

Wed, Nov 20, 2013, 12:58


Who moves to Dublin when so many Dubliners are leaving themselves? The people who are making the city their new home will be the focus of the next Banter session in the Twisted Pepper on Wednesday 27th. A group of “new Dubliners” will talk about their experiences of living in the city, what keeps them here, and what they miss about where they are from.

The panel includes film-maker Wissame Cherfi, Monika Sapielak of the Centre for Creative Practice, cafe-owner Hassan Lemtouni and a financial data research specialist Minhee Won. There will also be a screening of Wissame’s award-winning short film We Are Dublin.

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The event starts at 7pm and admission is free, but you need to sign up in advance here. There’s more information over on Jim Carroll’s blog – he co-hosts the Banter sessions with Bodytonic’s Eoin Cregan.