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Have your eating habits changed since moving abroad?

As part of The Irish Times food month, we want to hear from readers abroad about nosh they love where they live or miss from home

Do you still hanker after a full Irish, or have you embraced new tastes abroad?

Wed, Nov 13, 2013, 16:25


“A dribble of fresh, locally grown mango juice running down your chin seems to be the Australian equivalent of the moving elves in the window of Brown Thomas or the Penneys “Gotta whole lotta things for Christmas” ad. It’s not Christmas here until you’ve been mangoed.”

Jennifer O’Connell’s column in The Irish Times today is about how she has changed her eating habits since moving to Sydney, shopping more locally and more seasonally, something Australians do with “almost evangelical dedication”.

As part of The Irish Times food month, we want to ask our readers abroad about food where they live. What has surprised, delighted or disgusted you about the foods on offer, or local attitudes towards growing, buying and eating, or dining out? Has your own relationship with food or your likes and dislikes changed since you left Ireland? And what Irish foodie thoughts make you nostalgic for home? Can anything replace your mammy’s cooking, accompanied by brown soda bread and a cup of Barry’s?

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