Ciara Kenny

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What’s life like for Irish Fifo workers in the Australian mines?

Are the high wages worth it for fly-in, fly-out workers, and the families they leave behind in Perth?

Mon, Nov 11, 2013, 16:19


Thousands of Irish workers have made their way to Western Australia to work in mining and construction over the past few years. The wages are high, but what is life really like on a fly-in, fly-out contract, and for their families who stay behind in Perth? Ciara Kenny finds out in News Agenda today.

The article follows on from a spread in Weekend Review on Saturday, examining the lives of recent Irish arrivals to Australia. In the Down Under diaries, Jennifer O’Connell spoke with a range of Irish people across the country to hear their experiences, while Ciara Kenny analysed the migration figures and recent research to find out who is going and what they say in surveys about their new home.

Philip Lynch wrote  for the blog last week on half a lifetime spent ‘far away in Australia’.

For more about the jobs market in Australia for Irish workers, as well as information on visas, see Destination in focus: West is now best in Australia.