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The new Irish Down Under

The Irish Times finds out what recent Irish arrivals like most about Oz and miss most from home

Irish in Australia: Paul Quinn in Sydney

Sat, Nov 9, 2013, 19:07


In Weekend Review, we take a look at the lives of recent Irish arrivals to Australia. Jennifer O’Connell talks to a nurse, a police officer, a musician, a journalist, a building contractor, an HR professional and an entrepreneur to find out why they left Ireland, what they love most about Australia and miss most from home, including frosty mornings, friendship, the sense of humour, bacon and cabbage and family.

Using data from UCC’s Emigre project’s survey of recent Irish emigrants, over 400 of whom are living in Australia, Ciara Kenny finds out who is making a new life in Oz, who they are leaving with, who they socialise with, what they think of their salaries, career prospects and quality of life in their new home, and whether they are likely to return.

In News Agenda on Monday, Ciara finds out what life is like for the fly-in-fly-out workers in the mines in Western Australia.

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