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Irish abroad invited to contribute views for Constitutional Convention

Convention to discuss voting rights for Irish citizens abroad at next meeting

Wed, Aug 14, 2013, 19:58


Irish in Britain (formerly the Federation of Irish Societies) is running an online survey to capture the views of Irish people living abroad on topics being discussed at the Constitutional Convention, the year-long review of Bunreacht na hÉireann.

The Government has tasked 100 convention members, comprising 33 politicians and 66 citizens, to debate and vote on topics including same-sex marriage, the voting age, and the length of the presidential term. Five of the meetings have already taken place, but arguably the most important for the Irish abroad, on the right of Irish citizens abroad to vote, will be held at the end of September (for more information, see the website of the Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad campaign,

The Government is required to consider its recommendations and, where agreement is reached, set a timetable for a referendum.

Diaspora Voice is Irish in Britain’s campaign to “raise awareness of the convention process among Irish groups, and encourage participation of the new generation of Irish migrants… and press the case for better representation in Irish public life”.

The survey takes five minutes, and can be found here. It can be filled out out by Irish people living anywhere in the world.