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‘Irishman Abroad’ podcast series begins with Graham Linehan

Comedian Jarlath Regan sets out to interview a host of well-known Irish personalities around the world each week

Graham Linehan: 'I found it quite freeing, that London just didn't care about me. I could become a writer, or I could become a junkie, and there would be no ripples either way.'

Thu, Aug 8, 2013, 16:40


Irish comedian Jarlath Regan, who has recently moved to London himself, has embarked on a mission to interview some of Ireland’s most talented and well-known exports for a new podcast series called ‘An Irishman Abroad’.

The first episode (free to download on iTunes), recorded over Skype, features television comedy writer and director Graham Linehan speaking about the anonymity of London when he moved there as a young music journalist in the late 1980s, living and working with his Father Ted co-author Arthur Mathews, struggling with his inner critic, trying to make studio audiences laugh, his experience of attempting and failing to move his family back to Ireland, and how the internet facilitated his relocation to Norwich from London.

Over the coming weeks and months, Regan will be interviewing a whole host of Irish people living and working overseas who have made a name for themselves in the world of music, entertainment and sports. The identity of his interviewees will remain a mystery until each podcast goes online, but Regan says he as a “Hollywood A-lister” lined up for next week.

The ‘An Irishman Abroad’ podcasts are free to download, and listeners can subscribe to the whole series on iTunes.