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New guide for Irish emigrants moving to Queensland

Booklet contains information on visas, schools, housing and paying tax in Brisbane and surrounds

Tue, Apr 30, 2013, 21:00


A new information booklet has been published to assist Irish emigrants planning a move to Queensland in Australia.

A group of Irish families who recently settled in the area got together to share their knowledge and experiences in the guide, which is being distributed by the Irish Australian Support Association of Queensland (IASAQ), a welfare organisation working with the Irish community in Brisbane.

It contains information on visas, housing, schools, healthcare, tax, employment and visas, as well as detailed estimates of living costs in the region and a list of useful contacts.

IASAQ  is part of the LINK network of Irish welfare organisations in Australia. To read more about the work of these groups, see When things go wrong far from home. The IASAQ Welcome to Brisbane guide can be downloaded here.

The Claddagh Association of Western Australia recently produced a similar guide for Perth and the surrounding area. It can be downloaded here.

The Canadian Department of Immigration also recently published a similar guide for migrants moving to Canada.