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Canadian government publishes new immigration guide

The 148-page handbook has practical information on everything recent arrivals need to know, from finding accommodation to schools, healthcare and community groups

Wed, Apr 3, 2013, 15:00


The Canadian Department of Citizenship and Immigration has just published a new Welcome to Canada guide, intended as an “official handbook to assist immigrants in preparing to come to Canada and to help them navigate their way during their first months”.

The 148-page publication is twice as long as the previous edition (which has not been updated since 1997), with practical information on things like finding accommodation, getting around, employment, schools, connecting with the community, healthcare, and the law. It incorporates academic research, expert advice, and the experiences of recent immigrants. It also has a selection of city maps and guides, and a phonebook of useful numbers. The guide is available to download as a PDF or an e-book.

A new interactive online tool Living in Canada has also been made available, which allows newcomers to access customised “settlement plans” comprising tips, next steps and useful links based on answers given to an online questionnaire.

For more immigration publications provided by the department, see

The Irish Canadian Immigration Centre (ICAN) is hosting information seminars for Irish arrivals in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Calgary and Vancouver this week. See yesterday’s Generation Emigration post for more details.