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How new Irish arrivals are faring in the US, Canada and Australia

In the last of a series of articles on recent emigration trends, our correspondents report on the recent Irish arrivals in the US, Canada and Australia

Tue, Mar 19, 2013, 10:51


The Generation Emigration series on recent emigration trends concludes in the news pages of The Irish Times today.

Simon Carswell speaks to recent arrivals in the US, who explain why they left Ireland and why there are better opportunities for them there: ‘I don’t miss the bad news and I don’t worry as much as I used to’.

Helene Hofman reports from Australia, where more young professionals are moving over with backgrounds in accounting, finance and construction: ‘It didn’t fall into place immediately but we knew there were more opportunities here’.

Lorraine Mallinder reports from Canada, where some young Irish people are finding it difficult to get work, but are persevering regardless: ‘Working here is tough with long hours and very little time off’.

The series began on Saturday with an analysis of current emigration trends by Ciara Kenny. It continued yesterday with an analysis of which areas of the country have lost the most young people to emigration by Pamela Duncan. She visited Co Kerry where emigration has taken the men in the middle from Kerry GAA team, and Rosita Boland took a trip around Donegal to find closed pubs and businesses, and a lack of young people.