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Irish Post debts, emigrant voting rights, egging the Taoiseach and emigrating doctors and nurses: a round-up of all the news stories relating to emigration and the Irish abroad on this week.

Sat, Dec 1, 2012, 01:00


Irish Post debts, emigrant voting rights, egging the Taoiseach and emigrating doctors and nurses: a round-up of all the news stories relating to emigration and the Irish abroad on this week:

The number of visitors to Ireland so far this year is down, but the Government hope to reverse the trend for the Gathering next year. Photograph: Toby Melville/Reuters

‘Irish Post’ had debts of €2.3m when it collapsed The London-based Irish Post newspaper had debts of at least €2.3 million when it collapsed in August last year. Ronan McGreevy, 26 November.

Majority backs same-sex union, poll indicates 68% of Irish people are in favour of giving the vote to emigrants for presidential elections, according to an Ipsos/MRBI poll. Stephen Collins, 26 November.

Gathering thoughts in the great silence of cyberspace In his weekly column, Michael Harding muses on relationships maintained with a loved emigrant friend and his wife through their emails and blogs. 27 November.

‘If there’s anywhere in the US where an Irishman can feel at home, it’s Notre Dame’ Shane McQuillan, Naughton fellow at the University of Notre Dame writes the ‘My Education Week’ column. 27 November.

Reform is only choice for new leaders to fuel economy More than 16 per cent of China’s rich have already emigrated or applied to emigrate, and 44 per cent are planning to do so. Clifford Coonan, 27 November.

Documentary to record lives of Irish emigrants A new documentary ‘I only came over for six months,’ will record the lives of seven generations of Irish emigrants in the UK, from those who left in the 1950s to recent recession emigrants. Jason Kennedy, 27 November.

Number of visitors to Ireland falls Jason Kennedy, 28 November.

‘It’s going to be one of the toughest budgets ever’ “Businesses, unlike individuals, are not mobile. Whatever this budget has in store, businesses can’t emigrate.” Rosita Boland interviews David Walsh, chief executive of Netwatch, as part of the ‘My Budget’ series.

Eggs thrown at Kenny in UCD The Taoiseach was egged by a student group in UCD, who claimed budget cuts were leading to mass graduate unemployment and emigration. Jason Kennedy, 29 November.

Nurse. Come quick. It’s an emergency! Australia needs you Australian healthcare companies are coming to Ireland to recruit Irish nurses, with the promise of better pay and prospects – and that famous Australian lifestyle. Ciara Kenny, 30 November.

Doctors may have to ‘work abroad’ More than 800 non-consultant hospital doctors (NCHDs) have written to Minister for Health James Reilly warning they may be forced to seek work abroad due to the Minister’s policies on consultants. 30 November.

Managing a luxury hotel in Hanoi Philip Jones, general manager of Mövenpick Hotel in Vietnam interviewed by Ciarán Hancock as part of the Wild Geese series on Irish business leaders abroad. 30 November.

The Graves Are Walking: The History Of The Great Irish Famine Carlo Gébler’s review of John Kelly’s new book. 1 December.

A shoulder charge to the media’s tragic image of emigration Mick Heaney’s radio review of this week’s Documentary on One: A Silver Lining, which aimed to overturn the negative perception of emigration by showing the extent to which expatriate GAA clubs have benefited from the exodus. 1 December.

Staying positive despite the crisis In spite of persistent economic gloom over the past five years, Irish people have retained a remarkably positive outlook. Editorial, 1 December.

Castlehaven still managing to bring it all back home in defiance of the odds Emigration would be a threat for the club, except for the fact that “several lads have put their lives on hold for football”. Keith Duggan, 1 December.