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Renting property, Tom Murphy plays, ‘moronic’ comments by TDs and chandeliers in the window of the Áras: this week’s round-up of emigration-related stories from

Thu, Jun 28, 2012, 12:05


Ellipsis and evasion: Catherine Walker and Declan Conlon in The House by Tom Murphy. Photograph: Anthony Woods

Emigration can be door to opportunity and adventure Irish people get trapped in negative thoughts about departure. In the US, we are open to the lure of elsewhere, writes Steve Coronella, 21 June.

No job. No papers. No going home. Most new immigrants to the US plan to stay on illegally. But getting a job without documents is an uphill struggle, and the prospect of never being able to travel home is a harsh price to pay, writes Ciara Kenny, 22 June.

Blown away by the windy city Fiona McEntee, founder of McEntee Law Group and hair salon Blowtique in Chicago, interviewed by Pamela Newenham as part of the Wild Geese: Irish business leaders abroad series, 22 June.

Minister’s words ‘moronic’ – FG TD Waterford deputy John Deasy took Fine Gael TD, Minister of State Shane McEntee, to task for what he maintained were “polarising remarks” about unemployed young people. Harry McGee, 22 June.

Home is where the heart is broken: Murphy’s brush with Chekhov Fintan O’Toole’s review of The House by Tom Murphy on the Abbey stage, 23 June.

Up and down the property ladder A generation of people now have very different views from their parents about property, and are renting for longer. Una Mullally, 23 June.

Lighting up time at the Áras When she was president, Mary Robinson placed a light in a window of the Áras for our emigrants. Perhaps President Higgins should now put a chandelier in the self-same window? Noel Byrne, letter to the editor, 23 June.

State gave €614,000 to expats’ tech group The Department of Foreign Affairs gave $772,648 (€614,000) to the Irish Technology Leadership Group in the period from 2009 to 2011 through the Emigrant Support Programme. Colm Keena, 23 June.

Higgins visits GAA London HQ President Higgins visit was the first by an Irish head-of-state to a GAA grounds in Britain. Mark Hennessy, 23 June.

Druid Murphy “A riveting, shattering and deeply necessary journey.” Peter Crawley reviews Druid’s production of three Tom Murphy plays, 25 June.