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Have your say: What did you bring with you when you emigrated?

What did you bring with you from home when you left Ireland?

Tue, Apr 24, 2012, 01:00


What did you bring with you from home when you left Ireland? What did your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or children bring away with them? Those are the questions being asked by Limerick School of Art and Design student Steve Mathieson-Medrano for an art installation that will be exhibited in Limerick next month.

Steve’s inspiration for the project was an exhibit at the Ellis Island Museum in New York of items that previous generations of immigrants from around the world brought with them when they moved to America. These simple items, including bits of crockery
and handtools, seemed to reflect the realities of lives lived during harsh times.

What did you bring with you from Ireland? Did you bring sentimental pieces such as photos, a pebble or a few grains of sand? Did you bring old or new items, big things or small things, one item to remind you of home or many? Was it clothing, food, music, books, or a family heirloom?

Emigrants are invited to post stories and photos of items from their suitcase on the Irish Emigrant Project LSAD Facebook page, but we’d love to read about them here too. Tell us what you brought away with you in the comments section below, and email any photos or videos of you with the item(s) to