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Breaking leases, Titanic telegrams, Census figures and iPaddies: this week’s round-up of emigration-related stories from

Thu, Apr 5, 2012, 08:45



A drawing of journalist Robert McComb, a subeditor on the Belfast Evening Telegraph in 1912 when the story of the Titanic sinking broke

Property Clinic Advice on breaking a lease if you are emigrating. 29 March.

Titanic sinking telegram to be auctioned in Dublin Michael Parsons, 29 March.

Mass exodus of research graduates would provide a depressing counterpoint to our ambitions to develop a knowledge economy Dick Ahlstrom, 30 March.

Clubs need to make better use of schools The need to “reap a better harvest from schools rugby” has been identified as the club game’s major challenge. Gavin Cummiskey, 30 March.

Off to New York with the iPaddies “At 53 years of age I’m planning on leaving the country again, returning to New York city where I worked for more than a decade.” Barry McKinley, 30 March.

Consistency critical to the invisibility of good PR Aedhmar Hynes, Chief executive of Text 100 PR in New York, inteviewed as part of the Wild Geese: Irish business leaders abroad series. 30 March.

Census shows a country changed yet still rooted in tradition Population has increased by 350,000 since 2006, despite emigration. Carl O’Brien analyses the Census, 30 March.

‘Once’ a hit, always a hit: the little Irish film takes to the big stage Fintan O’Toole, 31 March.

The best place to live in Ireland The Irish Times launches a competition to find the best place to live in Ireland. Edel Morgan, 31 March.

Raidió réalteanna: Raidió na Gaeltachta marks 40 years Lorna Siggins, 2 April.

We must work together to solve third level crises Pat de Brún, 2 April.

USI defers vote on education funding Steven Carroll, 3 April.

Irish man killed in Florida hold-up Tom Walsh (43), originally from Templemore, Co Tipperary, was shot at point-blank range at the restaurant he helped to manage in Florida late on Saturday night. Conor Kane, 4 April.

Unemployment falls in March The number of people signing on the live register fell by 8,300 in March. Ciara O’Brien, 4 April.